These lists have been compiled to help you spread the word. We are working towards building these contacts into a searchable database.

Note that spreadsheets have a tab along the bottom differentiating between categories/states. You can search for key words within any spreadsheet by using the ‘find’ function (command + F for mac or control + F for PC).

  • Media – decide which platforms are relevant to your search (e.g. national TV/regional newspaper) and send a media release
  • Hospitals – alert hospitals in the area that they have gone missing from (patients can receive treatment without ID)
  • Public transportation – your missing loved one may have used a mode of public transport on the date they were last seen
  • Shopping centres – high-traffic areas like shopping centres are great for generating localised awareness
  • Crisis accommodation and food services – if homelessness is a consideration, contact homelessness service providers
  • Trucking companies – trucks are always on the roads, so a truck driver may have seen something (e.g. missing person may have hitchhiked) – request an announcement across their company’s PA system
  • Universities and TAFEs – a great central point for information dissemination and students are likely to help mobilise a search
  • Country Women’s Associations (CWA) – an enormous network of women who care about the community

We have been as thorough as possible, but some services may have been missed. To make a suggestion, please email us.

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