Managing their affairs

Those closest to the missing person decide when loose ends need to be tied.


Tasks to think about

There are certain responsibilities that will need to be taken care of on behalf of a missing person. Here are some tasks you may need to consider:

  • Calling anyone who should be alerted of the situation (e.g. employers, landlords, university or TAFE, sporting clubs, relatives)
  • Organising rent or mortgage repayments (e.g. contact landlord or bank)
  • Asking friends or family to look after pets
  • Having someone collect their mail
  • Getting ‘power of attorney’ appointed to someone
  • Closing unwanted accounts to stop bills (see: Vodafone Missing Persons Procedure)
  • Managing legal obligations (taxes, voting etc)

For a thorough guide to looking after affairs of your missing loved one, see: Safe Keeping: A Guide to Managing the Affairs of Missing Persons

The Family and Friends of Missing Persons Unit (FFMPU) also have some information: Managing Financial Affairs

The Missed Foundation may be able to arrange pro bono legal assistance – contact us.

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