You need their face seen by lots of people really quickly.

Making posters

Most missing persons are found within 48 hours, so depending on the circumstances, you may want to keep the news off social media until Day 3. Instead you could focus on emailing, printing and displaying posters. Avoid using their full name if you can – it may protect their privacy if they are found quickly.

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Ink isn’t cheap and not everyone has a printer. Officeworks have a monthly charity/community service budget and Members of Parliament are obliged to print missing persons posters for free. To find your local, see: Officeworks and Members of Parliament


Ideas of where to display the poster:

  • Supermarkets, shopping centres
  • Bus stops, train stations
  • Universities, schools, TAFEs
  • Centrelink offices
  • Hospitals
  • Social media (but be aware that once it’s on the internet, it’s out of your control)
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Printed: 26/05/2024
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