Twitter is a great way to reach a large audience with little effort.

Using Twitter

If you have a short message to share with a lot of people, Twitter is a great tool to use.

Some tips for using Twitter include:

  • Set up a new account for the tweets
  • Use a photo of the missing person for the profile picture
  • Tweet your message to celebrities
  • Use a brand, link or hashtag so that people can find out more information
  • Tweet links to any media articles about your case

If you’ve decided it’s an option you want to take,  create a Twitter account.

Things to be aware of

As with other online media, there are some things you will want keep in mind.

  • You should only share the information you are comfortable to make public. Once you share information online you will not have limited control over it.
  • Media outlets may hear about your story through Twitter and contact you about your story.
  • It can take a lot of time and energy to manage the response social media can generate.
  • You may receive unkind or unhelpful comments from people; you should ignore any trolls.
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